Starting at Rainbow


Settling in

In order for your child to enjoy his/her time at Rainbow it is important for both parents and staff to work together so that they feel happy and secure in the group. We would encourage parents to stay with their child on their first day but subsequently should only stay if it is felt necessary.


Developing a child’s self esteem & behaviour management

Children are always praised for what they do and encouraged with adult support to have a go at activities that are more challenging for them.


Misbehaviour is dealt with by providing the children with good role models and explanations as to why bad behaviour is not tolerated. Appropriate strategies will be put in place by the SENCO and this will be done by working with parents/carers to help with behaviour.


Payment of fees

Our fees at present are £6.50 per hour and this means a morning session costs £19.50, Lunch Club £6.50 and the afternoon session £13.00. Fee invoices are issued each term in advance and should be paid promptly. As you are paying for your child’s place, not for your child’s attendance, fees are still payable even if your child is absent due to illness, holiday or some other reason. Ours fees are reviewed annually


In the term after your child’s 3rd birthday they will be eligible to claim for free education which is for a total of 15 hours per week (Universal funding for all 3 & 4 year olds) and if parents are working and meet certain criteria an additional 15 hours can be claimed (Extended funding).  These 15/30 hours are used consecutively and therefore cover the lunch club and afternoon session, although the amount of free entitlement available to claim at Rainbow is dependent on whether you make a claim at another setting. For those claiming the extended funding we do request a contribution of £2.00/hour (just on the extended hours being claimed).  If you have any problems paying the fees, please speak to the Manager in complete confidence. We will try to help and be flexible if we possibly can.   Free for Two Funding and Early Years Pupil Premium are also available for eligible children please speak with the Manager for further information.


Attendance & Illness

If your child is not able to attend pre-school due to illness or holiday, please advise us immediately by phone, as we need to have this information especially when we are claiming funding. Once we are receiving funding for your child it is important that they attend regularly as we do have to provide proof that children are attending on the days we are claiming the free entitlement for.


We also advise that children who have had sickness and diarrhoea should not attend pre-school until 48 hours after the last episode. We would also appreciate being advised if your child has an infectious illness such as chicken pox or test postive for Covid-19, so we can alert other parents in case they need to take particular action or seek medical treatment.


If your child needs to have an inhaler, epi-pen or other medication prescribed by a doctor, please ensure that you fill out our Medication Consent Form as we need your written consent for staff to administer the medication.


What should your child wear to pre-school

It is best to send you child in clothes that are easily washed and allow him/her some level of independence when visiting the toilet. Please also ensure that your child is appropriately dressed to allow freedom of movement when doing physical activities such as running, jumping, climbing over, under or through equipment and on the days when we are taking your child outside for clothing to be appropriate for the weather conditions ie: coats in colder weather and sun hats for hot weather.  It would also be useful if children could have their own wellies for rainy days and wet weather conditions.


We have a small stock of spare clothes should the children have toilet accidents or get wet when playing with water, but it would be appreciated if you could ensure your child has their own set of spare clothes especially if they still have a tendency to enjoy messy play or are not entirely independent going to the toilet. 

Snack table

Healthy Snacks

Snack time involves small groups of five children sitting down together. The children are offered a variety of food to eat and will always be offered fruit or vegetables to encourage healthy eating. For drinks we offer milk or water. Snack time is important for children to gain social skills as well as encouraging independence as the children have to find their own name label and collect a cup and plate to bring to the snack table where they pour their own drinks and use knives and spoons appropriately.

A healthy Lunch


Lunch Club

If your child is attending Lunch Club you will need to provide a packed lunch for your child. Lunch Club is an opportunity to encourage healthy eating and we suggest the following foods as healthy options – Sandwiches, Wraps & Crackers, Fruit and Vegetables, Yoghurt., with Crisps in moderation. We request that chocolate is not put in lunches boxes, but if it is the chocolate can only be eaten once the healthy foods have been consumed.


The children will not share their food with other children because of allergies & health risks.  A member of staff will always sit with the children at the table and assist them with opening containers, wrappers and peeling fruit. This is also an opportunity to encourage social skills and encourage independence.

Arrivals & collection of children

It is very important that you bring and collect your child on time. We ask you to ensure that you make alternative arrangements for your child to be collected if you are likely to be late or are unable to collect them in person. Please ensure you advise staff of the person who will be collecting your child so a note can be made. Please also ensure the person collecting your child knows your password, especially if they are not known to the pre-school staff. If this is to be a long standing arrangement because of work or family commitments please could you confirm in writing who you have authorised to collect your child, if not already stated on your registration form.


Please note: staff will not release your child unless they are satisfied it is to an appropriate person – the child’s safety is at all times paramount.


Health, Safety & Well Being of the Children 

We have various procedures in place to ensure the safety and well being of the children.


We will always ensure the number of staff present for each session meets our statutory staffing requirements of 1 adult to 8 children for 3-4 year olds and 1 adult to 4 children for the under 3’s, thereby ensuring the children are always adequately supervised. For outings the ratio changes and we will always have a ratio of 1:2 although on some outings with the 3 to 4 year olds we will have a ratio of 1:3.


We ensure the main entrance door is locked during the session and that at arrivals/departure there is always a member of staff supervising the door. Also the gates to the front and rear are always locked when the children are playing in these areas.


We inform you and keep a record of any accidents your child may have on the premises and there is always at least one First Aider on duty at each session.


Resources and equipment used both inside and outside are regularly checked to ensure they are safe and clean to use.


Regular fire drills are done with the children.


The children, through adults role modelling, discussion and reinforcement, are encouraged to develop their knowledge of how they can keep themselves healthy such as washing their hands after going to the toilet and before eating food.  Understanding what foods are healthy and the importance of having enough to drink - there is always a jug of fresh water available for children to help themselves. 


Communicating with parents

Communicating with parents/carers is important to your child's wellbeing and progressing their learning and development. Within Rainbow all children are encouraged to develop their full potential at their own pace.  This is achieved through informal discussions at arrival & collecting times as well as through more formal procedures such as the Two Year Progress Check and end of year reports.  Our Key Person system enables us to monitor the individual progress and needs of each child and to plan the curriculum and activities to take account of these varying needs. The children are assigned a key person whose responsibility is to help them settle in pre-school and work towards the Early Learning Goals. This involves keeping simple records of each child's progress which includes written observations, photos and samples of their work, which are kept together in the child’s online Learning Journal on Tapestry.  Once you have given permission for us to register your child's name you will be provided with a link to just your child's Learning Journal which you can then access when you want to view observations etc. You are welcome to discuss with your key person (please see list on notice board) your child's progress or any concerns you have at any time, although we provide up dates on your child’s progress throughout the year.  We recognise that children develop at different rates. Some children will need extra help and encouragement to achieve their goals and when necessary we will liaise with outside professionals or agencies. 


Any additional information concerning events and classroom activities will be sent via e-mail or in printed format if requested.  From time to time it may be more appropriate to print newsletters and  information leaflets which will be placed in your child's tray.  Information will also be posted on the notice boards and includes information about Rainbow staff, committee and events and activities as well as information on local groups and businesses catering for pre-school children and their parents.  Information will also be provided through our facebook page.


Procedure for Severe Weather

In the event that Rainbow is closed due to disruption caused by severe weather conditions all parents will be informed by e-mail or telephone if appropriate.  This information would also be available on Kent County Council's School closures website.